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PHiL GooD – I.N.T.G.O.

A three minute throbbing run of electronic chilled out beats. ‘I.N.T.G.O.’ soars and swells, swerves and weaves along throughout the track’s progression.

PHiL GooD - I.N.T.G.O.With a strong lead motif than runs through the track’s veins, things reach a stage halfway through that become hypnotic, as the beat chops and changes to provide some punctuation to a track that could otherwise become repetitive and easy to phase out of. At times the track feels more likeĀ it would be better suited to being used as video game music rather than anything any serious listener might choose, but there are certainly points throughout the track that provide the opportunity to regain interest. That said, this is feel good house electronica that many out there will happily add to their playlists to keep the party going strong. Where the song’s strength lies is in how it can be used in a club setting, woven in to a longer mix as a way of adding a sense of spice and consistency. Balancing an intensity with the ability to keep things chilled out at the same time, ‘I.N.T.G.O.’ is a track that will definitely get in your head once you’ve given it a listen, and the kind of tune that will get many bodies moving on the dance floor.

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