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Piqued Jacks – Climb Like Ivy Does

With a special own brand of alternative funk rock, Piqued Jacks arrive hot on the scene with Climb Like Ivy Does.

0004401012_10The band’s style leans towards the aggressive tones of the Mars Volta, with vocals that soar and screech in a wonderfully melodic way. Album opener ‘Reign Of Clouds’ sets things off in exactly the right direction, both airy and violent in its approach, with the soar and swell of strings that are brought in on the track’s conclusion, and gives the listener exactly the right idea of what to expect during the album’s duration. There are more reflective moments to be found as well – ‘Romantic Soldier’ features some evocative guitar shimmer in the midst of the insistent rock, while ‘Moooody’ plugs the band’s staple funk sound right into the mix, the bassline standing out strongly with its cheerful character. ‘Only A Bridge’ blends together its wistful piano line with a screeching, squealing guitar part, and ultimately painting a vivid picture of dark rainy streets as the traffic roars past, while ‘Gift Handed Down For Generations’ opens with a more experimental twist. The guitars shimmer with their heavy tremolo, the drums keep focussed firmly on the path ahead, and the guitars rip things up something chronic. There is a sense that it’s an album that sticks to its strengths – while there’s not a lot of experimentation on offer, it certainly feels as though this is a band that has found their feet in terms of their overall style. ‘Beehive’ is a truly dark moment on the record, with its deep cavernous echo, and gives a moment of chilling emotion that just about captures the underlying feelings that run throughout Climb Like Ivy Does.

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