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Plastic Barricades – Shine!


Uplifting, summery, and laced with happy feelings, Plastic Barricades don’t hold back on the good times with their latest single, ‘Shine’.

Starting off sounding like a mid-nineties Cardigans number, the chilled out acoustic guitars on ‘Shine’ pave the way for a slice of summery joy, with flecks of harmonics here and there. Plastic Barricades’ influences hardly need mentioning, although there’s certainly a good dose of Stone Roses, The Verve, and Keane. ‘Shine’ pays tribute to classic britpop from its opening swells to its final bars, not least on the track’s climax with soaring vocals, blustering guitars, and its ever so sweet conclusion.

Keep an eye out for Plastic Barricades, new on the scene but full of potential. In an age where dubstep and hip-hop dominates the horizon, it’s often hard for bands like the Barricades to get noticed, but if ‘Shine’ is anything to go by, they’ve got the ability to kick out some strong tunes. Check them out.

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