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Present Paradox – Space For Wishes

Present Paradox’s latest release Space For Wishes harnesses a deep appreciation for the work of Radiohead and channels it into a whole new sound. From the moment opening track ‘Grow Slow’ starts up, there is a huge wash of sound which gradually unfurls to reveal all kinds of magical moments. Glacial guitar notes ring out and spiral, taking on the album’s underlying concepts of desires and wishes and creating a real sense of how thoughts and emotions can so easily come and go, sometimes sticking around for longer while at others flying away before we can fully grasp them. Present Paradox’s David Kleinekottmann has engaged well here with his intention to move away from a more electronic sound and instead make use of miked up drums and guitars. This decision has truly paid off, as it has afforded the songs a rich feel with depth and tone that draws the listener in. At times direct and focused, there are many moments where we are led into a more dreamy place of introspection and thoughtfulness. ‘Eldorado’ in particular has a mantra like sense to it, with an ebb and flow that behaves like a vast, sonic comfort blanket. Dreamy and delicious, Space For Wishes will transport you to another dimension for 20 minutes and then gently bring you back home with happiness in your heart.

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