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Princeloo – Get Away

Princeloo’s track ‘Get Away’ follows the thoughts of “an independent girl who is furious at and kicking her boyfriend out after discovering he was cheating on her with her best friend.”

10321053_496485517147537_6804727886624338579_oAt first blush, the track presents itself as a fresh slice of House, passing through all the stages you might expect – the slow swell on the opening bars, and the four to the floor beat pushing itself into the mix. Suddenly we are battered on every side and dazzled with rave organs and parping, honking notes that are sure to inspire glow stick wielding dance floor denizens to raise their hands in the air.

“You’d better get out” is the mantra that gets chopped up and served on a plate to be swallowed up whole, like a pill designed to bring healing to anyone going through experiences similar to that of the song’s narrator. We all need music to lift our souls. Even hard core ravers cry sometimes. What makes ‘Get Away’ stand out is its willingness to engage with a more real side of life, when usually the genre focusses almost exclusively on having a good time and trying to simply forget the struggles that surround us. Much like Sia’s ‘Chandelier’, it always makes an impact when feel good music is partnered with lyrics that lean in a more melancholic direction.

Haiti based Princeloo Alexandre focuses on putting out big beats for lovers of electronic dance music and deep house, and here on ‘Get Away’ there is a real sense of old school sensibilities. No matter if you’re young and into the new scene or have a love of older styles of dance music, Princeloo has managed to produce a track that uses many styles to weave together one of his own that is unique to him.

Let’s be fair, it’s not going to be to everyone’s taste. If you prefer indie rock or metal, this is not going to be very likely to satisfy you. But on the other hand if you like your beats big and your melodies drenched in neon electronica, then this is probably going to be the kind of tune you are looking for. The balance of the opening synth tones against the deep bass beats create a true tension that draws the listener’s attention, and once the central moment comes in to play things really start to go in an exciting direction. There is a wonkiness, as if alarms begin to blare, suggesting that something is starting to get out of control – and that’s what really adds to the sense of excitement in the track. The female rants have shades of Nicki Minaj but without the totally unhinged-ness that comes with her act.

At the risk of repeating myself, it’s a tune that will fit perfectly in any DJ setlist or on the playlist for your next party when you want to get people pumped up and really going for it. It can probably be classed as a banger.





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