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Ray William Roldan – Mended Fences


Sometimes you just want to put on some country music and leave all your cares and worries behind. Ray William Roldan offers exactly that opportunity in the shape of his latest album Mended Fences.

Tinged with lap steel on ‘I Remember’, and sad longing on ‘Daisy and Hank’, this is a record that ticks all the boxes and defines the genre in many ways. ‘Lucy’ grooves it up with Ray William Roldan’s voice crooning with a substantial amount of grit, while title track ‘Mended Fences’ takes a few cues from Johnny Cash.

‘Mournin’ Time’ holds a steady plod that conjures up images of cowboy boots and smoky saloons, while ‘The Preacher’ is an ideal track for a square dance next time you’re planning a party.

‘Rocky Mountain Shooting Star’ keeps the style charging along with fun lyrics, and the album reaches a gradual conclusion with ‘The Why Waltz’, a slow burner, passing through the penultimate ‘Harleys In Heaven’ with warm overdrive and woozy organ, and finally reaches its end on the blustering ‘Black Top Fame’, sounding like a bootleg from an underground secret gig, all brickhouse echo and smoke.

For some classic country americana, check out Ray William Roldan’s Mended Fences.

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