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Red Monday – Red Monday

Red Monday play some serious classic rock, and with their latest self titled release, unleash their tunes  for all the world to hear.

2507524‘She’s On Fire’ sets things on course with big, bold guitars and soaring vocals. While you might be forgiven for thinking that Red Monday play classic rock by numbers, there is a clear sense in their sound that they have a true passion for the genre. The arrangements on the album are carefully constructed – ‘Brianna’ could very easily be a basic ballad, and yet manages to move dynamically between a fragile acoustic tone and an explosive chorus that’s full of grit, plus throws in a contrasty middle eight to boot.

Single ‘Time (It’s About Time)’ blends tones that have hints of reggae with sounds that might be associated with Lifehouse, coupled with a characterful rhythm section and some cheerful handclaps, while ‘Closer’ pulls in a distinctive country vibe to create a driving sound that is evocative and hummable.

Closing with ‘Somebody Else’, Red Monday comes to its denouement with a ballad that lets the vocals shine through, with their trademark grit. The track concludes the album with a sensitivity that stands as a testament to Red Monday’s overall approach – one that delivers real rock but in a what that allows the songs to truly breath, rather than clobbering the listener over the head with all the subtleness of a troll with a sledgehammer, as is so often the case in this genre. As a result, what we have here is a breath of fresh air.

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