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Rfd Pioneer – Contingency Love Life


Citing influences such as Flo Rida, Gorilla Zoe, and Tone Lōc, Rfd Pioneer (“Real Futuristic Destination Pioneer”), offers a sub-three-minute slice of hectic dance mania.

‘Contingency Love Life’ showcases Rfd Pioneer’s distinctive vocal style, slurring and styling relentlessly; “The fruits of my labour / Got her love and flavour / Contingencies in the pot / I love that flavour”.

The track might be short, but packs in plenty to get drawn into, with cheeky rhymes and an insistent beat, although the high BPM makes fitting every syllable of the word ‘contingency’ somewhat clunky and tends to get a little lost and risks missing the mark it aims for.

Vocally there’s a sense of humour to be found, with a wide range of styles that draw strongly on the previously mentioned Flo Rida influences. Before you know it, the track’s already on the fading outtro, and that’s your lot.

There’s more work to be found by Rfd Pioneer should you choose to go looking, so don’t worry in ‘Contingency Love Life’ leaves you wanting more.

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