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Rhett May – Insatiable

Kicking off with ‘Jenny’, Rhett May’s sound immediately puts itself out there as inspired and influenced by a wide range of classics.

1414727561_Rhett-May-Insatiable-1500x1500.FAMOUSWith hints of Americana, a touch of Motown, and some slacker rock for good measure. There are some great guitar moments that weave in and out of the laid back doubled vocal that is as easy going as it is quietly confident. ‘Cocktails and Cannabis’ cranks up the classic rock dial, with its sizzling guitars creating a rich backdrop for the vocals that lean ever so slightly towards classic hair metal, while title track ‘INSATIABLE’ creates a warm and moody atmosphere. The guitars have a latin lilt to them, with a heaviness in the low end that creates a sense of depth and gravity. ‘Heaven or Hell’ moves into an even more tonally rich style, with its guitars spreading out wide in the mix, and the drums creating an enormous sense of space. Rhett May’s voice takes centre stage, however, confidently addressing the listener to take them on a melodic journey exploring the options available in the afterlife, and the potential unknown found in the great beyond. ‘All I Want To Do Is Touch You’ brings things to a close with a more sedate approach, the perfect wind down to an upbeat collection of songs that cover a range of tones and sounds while retaining a sense of consistency throughout.

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