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Richard Lynch – Cut And Paste

Richard Lynch has a signature sound, which draws on those classic country tones that are warming to the soul. On ‘Cut and Paste’, the time-tested country sounds are juxtaposed with lyrics that bring things bang up to date. Taken from his latest album, Mending Fences, Lynch doesn’t hold back when it comes to maintaining everything that is sacred when it comes to country music. Despite his commitment to those classic sounds, he also manages to bring a fresh tone that makes everything sound bang up to date. By referencing email, iPhone messages and the ways in which we are all addicted to our screens, Lynch has created a song that is as jarring and challenging as it is heartwarming. The lyrics point out the ways we “sit and stare at Facebook”, which act as a sly nod and wink over the shoulder to the classic country trope of sitting and staring at a phone that never rings, pining for the long gone sweetheart. Admittedly, for some the unambiguous lyrics might come across as a little too direct for some, but those people can move along. This is music for those who know what they like, and they will without a doubt get a great deal out of Richard Lynch’s provocative lyrics and thoughtful melodies.