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Ride On Wings of Glory – Boat Angel (Reyer Remix)

Remixes are always an interesting thing to be faced with. In many cases they can provide a fascinating and creative reworking of an artist’s original material.

Worship Dance Ride On Wings of Glory - Boat Angel (Reyer Remix )Ride On Wings Of Glory is a song inspired by and very much in the same vein as ‘God’s Great Dance Floor’ by Grammy award winning Christian musician Chris Tomlin. Taking a simple but effective dance pad, the track gradually builds with the lead vocal coming in and heading straight towards the chorus which is uplifting with a positive feel to it. In terms of the song’s content, it’s perhaps more aimed towards those who share the same faith as the producer, but that doesn’t make it entirely out of reach for other fans of positive, feel-good dance music. This is a tune where you can put it on for a spin, sit back and let the beats transport you to a better place, with the dance synth tones washing around you. In the end, simplicity is the key here – there is no messing around with any complicated methods or anything in the music’s style that is competing for attention. Rather, the track presents itself in a way that can be received easily and with the immediate opportunity for enjoyment.

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