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Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – All That I Need

artworks-000181869443-g99ik0-t500x500If you happen to be a musician, particularly a guitarist who owns a variety of effects pedals, you may have at some point experimented with running pre recorded music through them to see what happens. I’ll tell you what happens: all kinds of weirdness. Generally, while the sound may be entertaining for a moment, you are presented with a sound that is so far removed from what was originally intended that it just becomes noise. In contrast, Roger Cole and Paul Barrere have managed to create a sound and a style that on the one hand does sound like a hybrid, taking one or two genres and pouring a bucket of additional styles and tones over them, and yet it curiously works. At its core, ‘All That I Need’ is a bluesy alt rock number, and yet it is drenched in psych rock swirls that are accentuated all the more with a precocious wah wah guitar that wobbles all over the music, only just allowing the cymbals to crash through when it lets it. By the time the track has got past the halfway mark it tumbles head first into a ballsy swirling organ solo that sits somewhere between Yes and Styx, before it finally draws to its natural conclusion, leaving heads spinning.

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