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Rossemberg Maza – Through It All

Opening with a gentle ‘Intro’ track, things start off with an orchestrally led and uplifting tone.

The strings soar and set the scene well, filling the listener with a sense of hope and positivity. As the rave organs begin to creep in, it becomes clear this this is not going to be simply a straightforward piece of classical music, but something else is going on. ‘Coming Home’ leads us into the first main track on the album, with the lead vocal stepping up into the forefront and pitching the music clearly in the pop sector. “It feels like we’re going to make it through the rain / And it feels like we’re coming home again” say the lyrics, maintaining that sense of hope that the album opened with. ‘Golden Life’ keeps things going with a very similar sound. The rave organ seems to be the dish of the day here, and if that’s what you happen to be in the mood for then it’s going to tick all your boxes. The concern is that if it’s not your thing then this is not going to be of much interest at all. But let’s not worry about that. There is so much joy and passion to be found here that it’s best left to the europop aficionados. “Tu Y Yo” throws in some latin flavours into the mix with its Spanish vocals, while ‘Beautiful Sweet Love’ plays out an idyllic ballad that resonates out to every sentimental heart. ‘Through It All’ channels all those classic dance tricks that we know and love, starting with a  verse that leads teasingly into its explosive chorus that is as subtle as it is easy listening. ‘Eternamente’ keeps on going in the same relentless style, constantly demanding its listeners to return to the dance floor. There’s no letting up, to be honest, this is a dance album that keeps on going and shows know signs of letting up. ‘Adrenaline’ takes things in a more dynamic direction, with its beats pumping and allowing some very expressive notes and beats to flourish and reveal themselves, eventually turning into a house dancefloor banger. ‘Where Are You’ strips things back a little, with some gentle notes and strings that lead the track along while the lead vocal takes the listener on a vivid journey that soars through glacial soundscapes as they unfurl and gradually become exposed as the track progresses. ‘I’m Ready’ is more rock centered, with touches of recent Kylie Minogue’s tracks, with its grumbling bass notes and heavily treated vocals that and splashed with auto tune. ‘Don’t Go Away’ starts off with a delicious filtered synth that broadens into a euphoric call to the dance floor, while ‘Forever One’ features the most joyous piano notes you’re likely to find any time soon. While it might not be entirely original, it’s the kind of ballad that will tug on the heart strings of many music lovers. ‘Algunas Cosas’ heads back into that classic latin feel again, stripped back and gentle, taking things much easier and acting as an effective contrast to the rest of the album, while ‘Turn Up The Happiness’ holds on to that vibe as the album draws to its close.

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