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Roxanna – Close Your Eyes (Exotica Live at Vibiana)

We’re certainly not strangers to Roxanna’s work here at Crossradar, and as we’ve noted before, it’s always great to see aspiring artists pushing hard to make it in a competitive industry.

roxanna close your eyesThe current live rendition of ‘Close Your Eyes’ available is a selection from her upcoming PBS special, which is great news that Roxanna is beginning to receive the exposure she deserves. As a production, it’s truly huge, with Roxanna presenting herself in a dress that resembles a bridal gown, creating the impression that she is being brought before the world to be received in all her glory. She’s backed with a lush orchestra that fills out the large room that bears all the hallmarks of a church sanctuary, which adds to the impressiveness brings a kind of holy reverence. Add to that Roxanna’s faultless vocal performance that once again draws on those influences from Celine Dion, and featuring hints of Leona Lewis, ‘Close Your Eyes’ is once again establishes as an incredibly strong pop song that stands up against many other tracks in its genre. Keep your eyes our for Roxanna, she’s a dark horse who will certainly become huge some day soon and everyone is going to wonder where she came from. Her strength of vocal and melodic ability makes for some truly engaging listening.

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