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Roxanna – Close Your Eyes


Ever since the popularity of shows like The X Factor and American Idol, there’s been a rise in the number of singers trying to find a way to break in to the industry.

The initial point of a show like The X Factor is to find someone difference, unique, someone with star quality, not just a capable singer.

The problem with such shows, is that people don’t, in general, really want anything new or original or interesting. The general public wants music they can consume easily, that will satisfy all the topes they are used to while being melodically new enough to keep their interest. Plus, it has to sound great on the radio.

So, on a track like Roxanna’s ‘Close Your Eyes’, it’s fair to say that a few of those aforementioned tropes are certainly being met. As a stripped back track, opening with a lone piano to form the backdrop for Roxanna’s vocal, it’s engaging enough to the ears with a level of production that sounds like a million dollars. Her tones touch on influences from Celine Dion and Mariah, albeit without a really high note. But, fair play, stick to your strengths. As a song in and of itself, it sounds exactly like the kind of thing that would be released as a first single from an X Factor winner or runner up.

If you like a bit of easy-listening diva music of the kind you might find on Magic FM, get on and check out ‘Close Your Eyes’ by Roxanna.


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