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SacredSilver deliver high octane melodic metal, with ‘Load The Cannons’ showcasing vocals that nod ever so slightly towards Killswitch Engage et all.

wwwsacredsilverbandcom11It’s a track that wastes absolutely no time in getting on with things – from the first bar it’s serious business as the track powers ahead with its insistence and confidence. This is a band that has honed their sound very well, with all the component parts falling into place just the way the listener would want. Keep an ear out for the expressive guitar solo that wanders across the octaves, shredding delightfully and continuing to play beneath the vocal that enters the secene once more with its powerful vibrato.

‘Solitary’ opens with a sultry guitar chug, laced with the familiar licks of shred guitar. What makes the music that bit different is the way the vocal at times makes use of minor notes and lends a slightly eastern feel to the track’s overall tone. This is the kind of attention to detail that makes modern music stand out amongst the crowd – a willingness to be a bit different while staying true to where you have come from and what influences you go to.

SacredSilver have plenty more music in them, and as such it’s worth keeping an eye out for whatever it is they decide to unleash on the world next.

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