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Sam Haiman Band – Sam Haiman Band

True blue rock and roll right here, so don’t you go nowhere. Sam Haiman Band’s grooves are tight, with a grittiness that leaves a satisfying aftertaste.

Sam Haiman Band‘Darker Side Of Town’ starts things off with a rock and roll belter that hints at influences from Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, and R.E.M. It’s smoky and sprawling, with a real bite to its proceedings, while the following ‘When You Fall’ employs a more tender approach to its tone, with snappy guitars that scatter their notes over a subtly overdriven stack, and a scratchy solo that squeals out its notes with great pleasure.

‘Gave It All’ is a more skittering tune, with all the pieces in place but always feeling like it could fall apart at any moment. The fact that it doesn’t is a testimony to the band’s ability to not only write an engaging track, but perform it with confidence and competence. ‘Ballad Of Broken Hearts’ couldn’t be more appropriately titled – its warm arpeggios and emotive chord sequences make for some serious heartstring tugging, while ‘Running On Empty’ takes some classic acoustic guitar tones and uses it to create a campfire worthy song that makes for a country tinged number for folks to sing along to.

Closing with ‘Out Of My Element’, Sam Haiman Band draw things to a close in much the same way that things started – rocky and packed with attitude, and establishing this record as one to make the most of.

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