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Samie Bisaso – Completely

Samie Bisaso’s ‘Completely’ sparkles with a bright and energetic electricity, harnessing his gospel roots and presenting his music with showmanship.

Samie Bisaso - CompletelyAs an R&B/gospel crossover, Bisaso attempts to tackle some challenges in bringing his clear gospel message so firmly into the music. Let’s face it, every songwriter has their own world views and philosophies, and we are all influenced by what we believe in some way. ‘Completely’ is exactly the kind of song that allows the singer to put themselves out there are show how committed they are to what they believe in. As a result, what we have here is a track that expresses hope, rather than the mulch of consumerism found in so much modern R&B or the dreary existentialism that pervades so much guitar music. Instead, Samie Bisaso communicates the idea of a live entirely satisfied and given over to one greater than himself. That might not be the choice that many people are prepared to make, but to see it working out in someone’s live can be a real encouragement. Lyrical content aside, this remains a fresh track that will bring joy to the ears of any fans of urban R&B music.

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