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Saniyé – Man Outta You

Singer songwriter Sinem Saniyé delivers the goods with her unique vocal talent and captivating pop.

From New York City, born in Germany with Turkish family roots, Saniyé’s style channels the classic sounds of Lana Del Rey, Regina Spektor, and Norah Jones. ‘Man Outta You’ is as sassy and sultry as you like, with deep tones that resonate like a spaghetti western theme. The track borrows without stealing from Amy Winehouse’s ‘You Know I’m No Good’, taking the same vibe and feel and reforms it into Saniyé’s own special groove that will burrow into your brain and refuse to leave your consciousness for the rest of the day. The attitude that runs through is a perfect showcase for her character; “I’m the queen of breaking hearts”, she croons, and you can almost see her winking with a wicked smile as she delivers the line. It’s classic femme fatale stuff, with Saniyé playing the perfect black widow drawing her prey into her web only to consume for herself and then discard her ill gotten gains. The minor criticism is the question of the track’s currency in a post Lana Del Rey landscape, where we have been subjected to a whole host of copycats, but while Saniyé might be another voice in the crown, it certainly has the weight it needs to stand up and be counted.

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