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Scarlet & the Harlots – We Can’t Seem To Get Enough

Banging out their own brand of seriously funky rock, Scarlet & the Harlots are here to do business.

Scarlet & the Harlots - We Can't Seem To Get EnoughKicking things off with ‘There Once Was A Girl’, it immediately becomes clear that creative funk rock is being served up as the dish of the day. With vocal flourishes that give Aguilera’s performance on ‘Car Wash’ a run for its money, we are treated to an explosion of brass parps and bass plods that create an epic foundation for the characteristic vocals that drip with sass. ‘Moonshine Ghost’ starts things off in a very indie rock vein, but the trademark brass soon moves in the take things back in a funk direction. There are even shades of marching band to be found, and yet the deep distorted guitars provide an alternative undercurrent to the track’s sound. Title track ‘We Can’t Seem To Get Enough’ features a bass line that feels borrowed from Rage Against The Machine – and that’s exactly why Scarlet & the Harlots have managed to create such an original sound, by fusing a specific yet varied range of styles and influences. In the end it all sounds very carefully thought through, thoroughly intentional, and most importantly artistically competent.

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