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Scott Beaton – Eclectic Soup

Scott Beaton’s Eclectic Soup is a rich haze of experimental moments which all interlock to create a coherent whole. Making use of spoken samples, mashed up and contorted, and pitching them against strong bass melodies that provide a strong foundation, there is a sense in Beaton’s production that a whole new world is being created from the ground up. Just as the first album from Rustie broke many boundaries with his fizzing, excitable EDM, Scott Beaton reveals a similar approach but comes at it with much more restraint. There are even moments where the current trend for mining the riches of the Eighties rears its head. Even on the tracks where there is a stronger beat, the sense that something is being held back always remains. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll begin to notice the ethereal sonic wash that runs beneath Beaton’s music like a dreamy undercurrent. For sure, these tracks all have a connection and a kinship, despite the way they all manage to stand out on their own terms with their own distinctive aesthetic. Eclectic Soup lies somewhere in between the kind of songs that you might want to put on to kick back and chill out, and the kind that you would use to stir up your mind when looking for a flash of inspiration. That middle ground is hard to find in a lot of music, but you just might find it here.

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