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Seashaped – A Pill For Everything


UK based two-piece Seashaped step forward to present their debut album ‘A Pill For Everything’ – a laid back set of funk-infused tunes.

As the album opens with ‘Hilary’, it appears that Alison Riley’s vocals have a touch of The Sundays to them, relaxed and breezy. The lyrics often have some quirky surprises in the juxtapositions of concepts – ‘Watch The Replay’ sees “I don’t believe in heaven” aligned with “I tried to call your mobile”, musing on the metaphysical at the same time as the technological.

‘Jack N’ Jill’ is a pleasing combination of acoustic guitars and synths, the track giving a wide vista of sound that evokes feelings of the outdoors and campfires.

The funk guitar on ‘Kitchen Party’ and ‘Slipping Down’ gives a self-assured sense of confidence with its cheeky descending bass runs. The former gives a strong wink towards Ian Drury’s ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’ and Diana Ross’ ‘Upside Down’, a fun upbeat track with a lot of sass.

Title track ‘A Pill For Everything’ is a more downtempo number, darker in tone, with some beautiful piano work. On the chorus the production comes into its own, with eerie reverb laden reversed backing vocals – ghostly and compelling.

Album closer ‘Don’t Think I’ll Listen’ concludes the album with synth sounds alongside the guitars a little like a slowed down version of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, with Riley and Gustard’s voices complementing each other well.

If you’re looking for some homegrown UK funk-folk, check out Seashaped’s debut album, ‘A Pill For Everything’.

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