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Secrets Of A Wooden Hut – From The Outside


With earthy tones, atmospheric elements, and angst-tinged vocals, From The Outside’s Secrets Of A Wooden Hut EP is evidence that good things come in small packages.

From the moment the EP starts with ‘The Madness’, Scott Murdoch’s drums give a weight and a gravity to the track’s sound that gives the sense something special is about to happen. And it does – Samantha Sharpe’s vocals are a pleasure to the ears, with her emo-flecked long notes which nod to Paramore, perfectly balancing strength, fragility, and femininity. ‘The Madness’ is a great introduction to Secrets Of A Wooden Hut, as it manages to combine a considerably heavy guitar part to a hardcore aesthetic.

Title track ‘From The Outside’ starts off cinematically, with short delays on the palm muted guitar and a wistful piano riff, before building into a yearning piece with vocals that reach up, and up, and up on a chorus that gives any peak-era Evanencence track a run for its money.

The band’s more reflective side is displayed on tracks like ‘Summer’ and ‘Autumn’, the former with restrained guitars that sound like they might break off their leashes at any moment, while the latter puts the piano to good use again alongside sustained guitar notes that ebb and flow throughout the track.

‘Eternal’ picks up the more metal side to the band once again, with a tumbling bassline and industrial guitars, with fuzzed out and delay stacked vocals that swivel and roll about to create a mad, full-moon influenced track that has shades of the Pixies’ ‘Planet Of Sound’.

Closing with ‘Broken’ From The Outside confirms itself as a dark, brooding EP that is filled with hidden gems along the journey. With their deft combining of gentle pianos with the explosions of guitars and thundering drums, Secrets of a Wooden Hut have produced an exciting EP that stands out from the crowd, benefitting from the outstanding production by Joshua Rumer.

For some great female fronted hardcore to blow away the pop cobwebs, check out From The Outside by Secrets of a Wooden Hut.

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