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Sensum – PoinToPoint

Time to look back to the 80s with Sensum’s deliciously dark electronica.

sensum - pointopointStarting off with electronic elements that aren’t that unlike those used by The Field, the track evolves as it progresses, with sawtooth synth tones exploding in a way that feels as if they might threaten to blow a hole in your speakers. Once the dark, brooding tone has become fully established, the vocals enter the scene. It’s all very eighties throwback in style, moody and serious like Joy Division or Tears For Fears. The delay on the vocal rises and falls, soars and tumbles, creating a pillowy wall of gothy sumptuousness. As the track draws to its end, there is a peculiar moment when much of the layers are pulled away to reveal the stark piano that had been otherwise obscured for the most part, finally being given the chance to let its trebly notes shine through. With ‘PoinToPoint’, Sensum have created a piece of electronica that creates a dark and moody tone, and manages to blend dance beat repetition with classic pop sensibilities. At just under nine minutes running time, there’s plenty of room for the song to get creative without ever becoming self indulgent.

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