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Seth Balestrieri – Our Song (Boston Strong)

Using his songwriting skills to raise awareness of the impact of the Boston marathon tragedies, Seth Balestrieri releases his new track ‘Our Song (Boston Strong)’ as both a reminder and a message to those who struggle to understand what has happened in the past.

10476489_701851283252267_141556675784488298_n“Don’t dwell on the sadness” is at the heart of the song, a powerful way to draw people together, unified in the knowledge that together communities can be strong. The song itself is an anthem that has all the marks of the kind of tune that will stand as a permanent memorial to those who have lost their lives or been wounded, and it also serves to remind us of the other terrible things that are going on around the world. As long as people continue to stay strong and commit to making good art, this is all the evidence we need that humanity will always step up to the mark and say no in the face of evil and hate. This is a positive message of love, unity, and strength.

“Our Song (Boston Strong)” is officially released on 15th July, so keep an eye out and support those who have been through such hard times of suffering by joining in with the Boston Strong message.

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