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Shane Martin – Til The Wheels Fall Off

With clear, no nonsense country tones, Shane Martin’s Til The Wheels Fall Off is packed full of smoky vocals and melancholic melodies.

unnamed‘I Am What I Am’ starts things off with a confident feel, its warm acoustic guitar strums lending a familiar feel that sits beneath the wilder sounds of the lead electric guitars. Martin’s vocal tone does at times lean towards that classic Nickelback sound, making his music well rounded and easy to listen to from the first few notes. ‘She’s Got Me Right Where I Want Me’ heads in more of a pop rock direction, although those country elements are still firmly embedded and they feature throughout the whole EP, certainly more strongly on ‘Whatever Floats Your Boat’ and the softer tones of ‘Georgia Peach’, which draws the listener in to pause and pay attention for a while. There is still the chance for some fun to be found here though, with ‘Beer On The Brain’ offering a bluesy rough and ready riff to set the scene for a party themed song that is sure to get people’s glasses raised. Shane Martin’s music is well rounded and carefully constructed, with its execution making for some great country style easy listening rock.

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