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Shayna Leigh – Hey Shayna Leigh

From the opening notes of Shayna Leigh’s EP Hey Shayna Leigh, her vocal tone immediately bears strong leanings towards that of Avril Lavigne.

shayna leigh‘Last Criminal’ is sultry and brooding, with its piano notes that underpin the song’s arrangement. Leigh’s most prominently Lavigne-esque sounds are found on the vowels for the most part, and it’s no bad thing – if anything her vocal is confident and assured. It’s on ‘Drive’, however, that a real strength of songwriting shines through, which only serves to showcase Leigh’s voice in an even more positive light. It’s catchy, immediately hummable and the kind of track you’re already singing along to by the time it’s coming to the end. ‘Never Looking Back’ takes a different approach, with some blues notes sprinkled over the smoky rhodes tones that underpin the chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Michelle Branch album, while ‘Crash’ employs a sassy acoustic guitar and a thumping bass drum to create a track that is deceptively stripped back. The song builds with layers of sound that are gradually introduced as it progresses, creating an uplifting piece of pop-rock. The EP draws to a close with ‘Next To Me’, where Shayna Leigh’s voice draws on more soulful tones, and the instrumentation is more tiki-lounge than rock-bar, with its cutesy percussion and charming flute part.
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