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Shelby Potts – Just Over The Moon

With a warmth and depth to its tone, Shelby Potts’ ‘Just Over The Moon’ floats and drifts its folk infused vibes around your head, drawing you in and surrounding you like a winter coat.

Shelby PottsWhen you break the track down to its component parts, it’s clear that it’s all there: broad guitar strums, wailing country style notes, aching delay echoes washing around in the background, and a confident yet unassuming lead vocal. Ordinarily this would simply be a recipe for something good, but here something truly magical happens through the combination of these elements. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but there’s a sense that the key is found in the lack of pretense, and the way that attention to detail and commitment to artistry has been put so high, it would seem, on the agenda when it came to the construction of the track. If everything else was taken away and it was nothing but an acoustic guitar and a voice, it would still stand up strong as a song on its own right, but the real beauty of ‘Just Over The Moon’ is found in the way that the instrumentation has been applied so carefully, and almost painfully, if not beautifully so.

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