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Shelita Burke – FIVE EP

The Seattle singer songwriter drops her FIVE EP, a collection of fresh pop sounds that lean towards EDM and self described as “emotional art music”.

Shelita BurkeLead single ‘Belong’ manages to take influences from the current pop world as well as taking cues from work music, creating a sound that dances between Sia and M.I.A, while sounding as though the production duties could have been taken on by Diplo. ‘Together’ kicks off with a deep and dirty synth bass tone that sets the scene well for the song, while as it unfolds Shelita’s voice has moments when when sounds not unlike the enigmatic Swedish singer, Laleh. It all works out to be an exciting song, sparse at times while at others the sound comes at you from all directions. Even when there are moments of familiarity – ‘Waiting’ features a fairly standard synth sequence that doesn’t exactly push any envelopes – Shelita Burke’s drive and passionĀ is what really shines through, which shows not only a love for the the music but also a willingness to wear her heart on her sleeve. To be sure, it’s on the vocal performance that things really stand out – the affectations that feature heavily on ‘Over’ really add to the song’s overall structure and sound, while the EP’s closing track ‘Words’ sees Shelita’s voice dancing with the hard hitting electronica. A confident and intriguing effort.

FIVE EPĀ is released on 25th October 2016

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