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Sideways Derby

Sideways Derby make the kind of music that reaches into the recesses of your mind and drags up all kinds of memories. More than that, it gets under your skin like a kind of sonic leishmaniasis – although it’s a much more enjoyable condition to be afflicted with. Just put ‘Sweet Memories’ on for a spin, and you’ll be immediately transported to another realm laced with smoky blues guitars, country influenced tones, and a gritty, drawling vocal from Joshua Grant that is as soothing as it is captivating. ‘Here To Stay’ cranks things up a notch with its spluttering guitars and insistent kick drum that thuds its beat throughout the track. It’s the attention to detail that gives the track the change to shine, particularly the bouncy guitar twangs and bent notes that punctuate the song along the way. So it is with ‘Little One’ that things get the chance to pull back a bit, with a chiming acoustic guitar and evocative wailing electric guitar notes. Grant’s vocal moves effortlessly through the track, leading the listener along on its journey with a firm hand and a confident consistency. For any fan of gritty southern rock, Sideways Derby offers just the right balance of sounds that will both bring up memories of favourite songs from the past and a refreshing dose of original music.

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