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Sienná – I Know Why

Fusing the sounds of the east and the west with her own unique brand of jazz infused electronica, Sienná’s latest track ‘I Know Why’ is a dreamy wash of sound.

Sienná - I Know WhyIt’s a track that carries the listener along with its sensual tones, chunky beats, and imaginative instrumentation. Sienná’s sound is notably ambitious, and yet succeeds hugely in melding the traditional Japanese elements with a more western, chillout ambient format. ‘I Know Why’ opens in such a gentle and unassuming way that its progression creeps up on the listener unawares. Sienná’s opening vocal is calm and self assured, as if painting vocal calligraphy across the sonic canvas. As the electronic beats come in, the track begins to build, creating a stronger structure for the track to move around, expand, and become more expressive. This is most prominent in the guitarwork that often feels improvised and free, responding to the vocals as if in a kind of dialogue. Particularly as the track comes towards its conclusion, the guitar solo is a joy to the ears as it rises and falls like a soaring eagle. Even as the track builds, it stays consistent in its chilled out feel, and establishes itself as the perfect wind down music for a relaxing evening after a long, busy week.

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