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Sir J. ‘Ardy Francis – The Home From Homeless EP

Sir J. ‘Ardy Francis stumbles on to the scene with a new EP – The Home From Homeless EP in fact – and it’s a blustering, raucous ride filled with wonky notes and elongated melodies.

Opening with ‘Moscow Snowdrop’, there’s a spaghetti western feel to the tone of the song, with its reverberating guitar that stacks up and echoes with a tight jangle underneath Francis’ vocal which sweeps back and forth between a bluesy roar and a soaring yodel. Thrown into the mix is a female backing vocal from Helen Robertson that adds real texture and contrast to the song, contributing to the final fade out which leaves the listener with a sense of having been thrust along the road for a wild ride. ‘Welfare Blues’ sees Francis’ vocal give a nod to the early work of Kings Of Leon, both in terms of tone as well as emotional delivery with that beautiful feeling that the voice just might crack at any given moment, or that he might at least suddenly break down into floods of tears. Finally, ‘Bring Yer Own Bottle n’ Bogroll Tour’ offers a healthy dose of humour, with its stock rock ‘n roll and screeching guitars and closing repetition of its final vocal line, it’s a rip roaring hoot for sure.

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