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Skelley’s Dream – We Are Amazing


Hailing from Holland, Skelley’s Dream have produced their tenth album, We Are Amazing. Filled with elements of glory and euphoria, it’s an album of celebration and joy.

Opening with the 90s indie rock of ‘There’s A Wonder’, there’s a distinct flavour of summer pop much like that of Shed Seven and Dodgy from the old britpop days, while the title track ‘We Are Amazing’ harnesses the melodic style of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ and throws in a hefty side of modern R&B into the mix, creating an uplifting track which feels like it might burst into a gospel chorus at any moment.

In their own words, Skelley’s Dream makes “poptimistic music”, and that’s a pretty accurate way of putting it. ‘And I’ is yet another uplifting song, fronted by a female vocalist, while ‘I got my hands up’ features some enthusiastic rapping. The sheer range of styles in the record is to be applauded, but the real beauty of the album is the way the overall tone remains consistent, making sure all the tracks work together as one clear collection.

There are some real moments of beauty on We Are Amazing, and in unexpected ways. ‘Why Is This Happening To Me’ takes such wistful, sad lyrics, and places them in context with such joyous music that the words can’t help but be elevated into a new sense of hopefulness.

For some almost impossibly summery, uplifting tunes that cross genres and are sure to bring a smile to your face, check out We Are Amazing by Skelley’s Dream.

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