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Skinny Cool Kid – No Risk


“Skinny Cool Kid is a singer-songwriter from West Chester, PA and “No Risk” is his debut EP of 5 tracks. The album is a blend of rock, folk, and pop that provides thoughtful lyrics, gentle grooves, and white boy soul.”

‘Just Like Me’ skips along with its twangy blues, an uplifting track full of summery vibes and a jazzed out guitar part. It’s a modern take on some classic rock’n’roll styles.

‘All Over Creation’ heads in a more downtempo americana alt-rock direction, and when the piano part kicks in it becomes all kinds of lovely. The lyrics paint a thoughtful and somewhat melancholic picture.

Title track, ‘No Risk’, brings out the self proclaimed Elvis Costello influence, and that is no bad thing. There are even shades of Teenage Fanclub in there when the organ comes in on the chorus.

‘I Roll On’ moves ahead with more groovy guitar work. It’s a relaxed track, but doesn’t linger – the blues riffs make sure the track gathers no moss.

Closing track ‘Beyond An Orange Sky’ offers some snappy guitars with a drum part that punctuates the song throughout, easing off in the chorus with some wide cymbals and a panoramic wash of blues tones.

Skinny Cool Kid has produced an enjoyable set of tunes which ‘colour inside the lines’. Nothing to get offended about, but sometimes that’s just what you want at the end of a long day when you’re winding down.


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