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Small Town Sound – For Mama EP

Small Town Sound serves some straight up, classic country with a southern rock twist.

unnamed (1)‘Whiskey’ kicks things off with a some tender acoustic guitar tones, before eventually tumbling into a raw growl. The guitars fizzle, and the vocals wrap around the music effortlessly. It’s the kind of track you’ll want on a road trip during the dry summer months, and most likely will make you just as thirsty. ‘Racing To You’ continues to harness the country vibe, with a suitably bluesy harmonica for added texture and emotion. In typical fashion, it’s a song that blends together wistful hopefulness with an underlying feeling of joy. ‘Tailgate’ goes one step further in pulling things back, with a lush acoustic guitar and distant vocals that feel half obscured by a haze of smoke. It’s fair to say there are shades of ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’, but here it feels more like the track is offering it tribute rather than simply borrowing from it. The For Mama EP closes with ‘Harder Times’, once again keeping consistent with the trademark acoustic guitar tone that runs through Small Town Sound’s overall tone. As a closing track, it gathers everything together into a tidy bundle, with the cherry on top being the backing vocals that add an extra dimension. Fans of country and smoky americana will do well here.

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