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Soles of Passion – Bump Me Up

With their jangly guitars and unique brand of progressive country, Soles of Passion are back with another collection of feel good tunes on Bump Me Up.

soles of passion - bump me upThere’s a distinct sound immediately noticeable on opening track “Hold On”, with vocals that are somehow reminiscent of 90’s britpop band Echobelly. In contrast, the instrumentation often sounds like early R.E.M, particularly with the jangling guitars that could easily be delivered by Peter Buck, creating a sound that blends a sense of nostalgia with the excitement that comes from being presented with something new. As usual, Soles of Passion continue to stick to their country influences – “Got Me Surrounded” throws in some distinctive folk tones into the mix, while “On My Own” offers yet another example of the American/British crossover sound that frequently features in the songs. There are some surprising moments to be found as well – “Cow Girl Bling” is a slightly crazed, disco influenced song that flails around with its tongue firmly in its cheek, while “Paris” channels a much more tender approach, with delicate guitar notes and some beautiful synth swells that create a romantic atmosphere. Where Soles Of Passion might not be exactly breaking any boundaries, their music continues to be heartwarming and endearing, with some surprising moments along the way, always doing what they can to keep their listeners interested.

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