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Sometimes Julie – Bright Side Of The Line

‘Emily’ kicks the EP off, introducing the band’s sound with unassuming clarity, sitting somewhere between the soul of Amy Winehouse and the daring bravado of Fleetwood Mac.

Sometimes JulieThe contrast between the snappy guitars and airy flute is striking, and creates a fascinating dynamic that creates tension and at the same time a sense of cohesion. The edgy tones continue with title track ‘Bright Side Of the Line’, with a strong vocal laced with sass and working perfectly with the guitar works that swaggers with a sense of attitude. ‘Sanctuary’ manages to stand up as a sturdy song, although it fails to grab the listener entirely, passing through some fairly standard methods that leave the song coming over as more of a composite of a variety of influences despite its best efforts to push out a soaring chorus and scowling guitar solo. ‘Standing My Own Ground’ steps up to the bar somewhat more strongly, with a guitar solo that really reaches out and grabs the attention, while ‘Another World’ positively screams and splutters with gusto. Monica Sorenson’s gutsy vocals really do soar throughout every song onĀ Bright Side Of The Line, with shades of blues and soul that are all wrapped up and delivered in a thoroughly modern package. Closing track ‘When The Sun Ain’t Shining’ brings things to a tidy end, with a more delicate acoustic, country tinged tone that wraps things up with an upbeat kick. This is feel good stuff to be sure, and just as suitable for a wild road trip as it is for a cosy night in.

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