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Sonic Nights – Mirrors


Rather than hiding it, Sonic Nights wear their influences from Fountains Of Wayne firmly on their sleeve – and let me tell you this for nothing: it’s a very, very good thing.

From the opening bars of ‘Back In My Head’ there are clear references to FOW classics ‘Radiation Vibe’ and ‘Stacy’s Mom’, with palm muted guitar picking, thundering drums and sweet, sharp driven guitars – not forgetting the harmonies and the perfect ‘woah-woah-woah-woah’s.

‘Girl Next Door’ cranks it up even harder, throwing in a hint of Weezer into the mix, and sounding at points like the theme from¬†Happy Days.¬†The vocals twist and turn, with a strong command of the track’s melody, with the underlying harmonies adding a fascinating texture, sounding warped, stretched, and reversed at points.

Getting grittier, ‘All These Monsters’ splutters along with hectic guitar parts that support and connect with each other incredibly well to create a backbone for the track that swirls like a kind of high contrast psychedelia.

‘Friday Night’ is a classic ‘she should be mine’ tune befitting the thoughts of any lovesick teenager moping throughout the summer holidays, while the ‘Mirrors’ EP closes with the crunching anthem ‘Lead You On’. It’s the most intense, pummeling track on offer, with some guitar worth that borders on metal – check the noodling on the chorus.

For some upbeat, classic pop-rock that won’t leave you disappointed, get on and check out Sonic Nights’ ‘Mirrors’ EP.

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