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Sono Vero – Roses For The Reckless

Grab a can of Lilt, sit back, and enjoy some sunshine from the hands of Sono Vero.

Sono Vero - Roses For The RecklessOpening with the snappy ‘Give You The World’, Sono Vero’s sound is immediately established as clean and vibrant, with its reggae roots shining through. The tone is entirely upbeat, breezy, and optimistic. Add to that the tightness of the production and clarity on the vocals, and you’ve got some highly accessible rock tinged afrobeat. There are hints of British act Just Jack along the way as well, wiry and confident flashes of attitude that glimmer in the mix.

‘Leave With You’ starts off with a chorusy wash that leads into a light and airy chorus that lifts you skywards on its updrafts, with its world percussion beats and snapshots of spoken word that add texture and dynamics, while ‘Back And Forth’ employs a more loungey feel in addition to the typical reggae sound.

‘End Of Forever’ takes the world music style even further by adding a latin flavour to the mix, creating a gorgeous blend of sounds that make for some relaxing grooves, emphasised all the more with its sassy rap section.

Roses For The Reckless concludes with the defiant ‘Never Say Goodbye’, a somewhat appropriately titled track to end with as it’s the kind of song that would work just as well at the start of the album to put a strong song up front first. As a result, it means that once things have come to an end, it’s not unreasonable to consider putting this back on for a second spin.

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