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Soo Han – I Don’t Want You Anyway

‘I Don’t Want You Anyway’ is one of those songs that works its way into your head. You’ve got no hope of resisting singing along by the time the chorus comes around for the second time.

soohanIt’s just that kind of melody that gets its hooks in. I found as the final notes had played, though, that the song going round my head after listening to Soo Han’s latest tune was Britney Spears’ ferocious and wonky pop ‘Toxic’. To be sure, ‘I Don’t Want You Anyway’ certainly has similar things going on in terms of its irresistible melody, deceptively chilled out groove, but what lifts it higher is Han’s vocal confidence – appropriately deep at the right moments, smoulderingly bluesy, and the kind of performance that draws you near in pursuit of more.

In many ways it’s such a simple song, and yet the layers, the harmonies, and the entire arrangement of the track make it a glistening piece of art that consistently rewards the listener for giving it their time. Furthermore, bearing in mind that Soo Han’s background is mostly classical and jazz based, this is a respectable step into something that could very easily be classed as pop, or some form of crossover at least.

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