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Space Dragon – The Nebulous Expression


Crunchy and packed with tones and rhymes, Space Dragon’s The Nebulous Expression is a creative and expressive railroad ride of hip hop.

Opening with ‘Here We Go’, Space Dragon establishes himself as snappy and sharp, with an aggressive edge that insists on being paid attention to, while ‘Human’ puts a lonely piano part to good use on the lead in and features an up front, in your face vocal. On headphones, Space Dragon would be disturbing if he wasn’t so much fun, playfully shifting the pitch in places and layering the samples to create cascades of tone that hark back to early Eminem, spitting out rhymes and refusing to comply with expectations.

‘Comet’s Eye View’ is a glorious tumbling track that uses amen break style beats and swirls the samples around a groaning, creaking bass part that throbs and swells like an industrial heartbeat probelling the track along as if it is a living, breathing being in its own right.

‘Planets’ is all crunch and dirt, while Lauren Long’s backing vocals on ‘Just A Ride’ add a curious eastern edge, and ‘Monster Of Bliss’ is a a dark, brooding, threatening track filled with dread.

The Nebulous Expression is certainly broad, daring and varied in its approach. ‘Full Circle’ uses easy going lounge piano and pits it against more of Lauren Long’s sassy femme fatale vocals, creating an incredibly powerful backdrop for Space Dragon’s relentless flow.

Closing with ‘The Big Bang’, it’s a more straightforward approach that is easy on the ears and acts as a kind of aural treat as the album’s conclusion, rich and smooth but still with Space Dragon’s distinctive spiky edge.

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