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Sprightly Moans – Demos III


When bands cite their influences, it can be easy to make quick judgements before even hearing the music.

Sprightly Moans make some fascinating and bold attempts at describing their sound. In their own words:

Sprightly Moans sounds like Jimi Hendrix, Lightning Bolt, the White Stripes, and The Bad Plus getting into a fistfight, and no one came out unscathed.

It’s not an unfair comparison. I’d probably throw Eddie Vedder into the mix for good measure.

Sprightly Moans are somewhat refreshing in style. In an age where ‘rock’ is arguably dying out, “Demos III” has a lot to offer: grit, creativity, and a sense of humour.

‘Blushes All Around’ splutters its way along (the White Stripes influence is immediately apparent on the staccato drums,) with a guitar riff reminiscent of Guided By Voices’ ‘I Am A Tree’.

The fizzing guitars continue on ‘I Wanna Be Afraid’, dragging the warbling vocals along almost against their will. This is noisy music that gives plenty of room to get lost in.

And after all that, the curveball is found in ‘Love Is Nothing Without Eternity’ – a beautifully delicate acoustic number with a Hawaiian vibe. It’s a preciously fragile song which wouldn’t be at all out of place on an indie movie soundtrack.

What sets Sprightly Moans apart against today’s landscape of weird indie bands is the way they have tailored their sound using several distinctly uncool methods (vibrato? really?) and presented it in a shockingly cool fashion.

To make their music all the more desirable, the physical CDs are released as highly limited editions with beautifully handmade artwork.

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