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Steve Ryan – Boundless Moments


Opening with ‘Real Time’, it’s clear that Steve Ryan brings with him a lot of confidence, and a lot of funk!

The guitars snap along, supporting Ryan’s soulful voice. The breakdowns are fun as well, with some latin percussion revealing itself in the background.

‘Your Stare’ immediately shifts tone, a smooth lounge number with piano and cymbal swells. Rich with airy vocals, the song sways along at its own laid back pace with no hurry. At points it gets a little over-saccharine, but Steve Ryan sticks to what he does well, and his voice adds depth and soul.

‘Easier Said Than Done’ heads into rockier territory, with squealing guitars, a strong rock beat, and guitar parts that touch on Pink Floyd. The fun starts in the second section of the song, where the guitars begin to really chug and the rhythm is pushed a little harder.

Blue notes are all over ‘Don’t Tell Me’, led by a strong piano line that lays a foundation that is firmly established by the time the chorus kicks in. Moody backing vocals fill in with their “aah-aah-ahh”s in the pre chorus, resurfacing later on to create an exciting choral line that draws on gospel influences. And watch out for that falsetto!

‘Say It AIn’t So’ keeps things simple with a classic Rhodes and jazz drums, while Steve Ryan croons with confidence over a smoky, bluesy, jazzy final song on the album.

Steve Ryan delivers a generous helping of soul, blues, and jazz; check out Boundless Moments.

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