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Sticky Fingers Band – I Miss The Good Times

sticky fingers band i miss the good times

With classic rock and roll sensibilities, the Sticky Fingers Band use their Rolling Stones influences to their advantage.

With vocals that echo Jagger’s distinctive tones, and a huge brass section, ‘I Miss The Good Times’ is big, ballsy, and confident in what it delivers. There’s a hint of ska underneath it all, which mostly comes from the way the bass and saxophone work together as the track begins, drawing in an additional influence from bands such as Madness.

The track features a strong middle eight with a climbing bass run, leading into a smouldering guitar solo that bleeds into a cheeky sax section.

‘I Miss The Good Times’ is effortlessly confident, meticulously produced, and carefully mixed. It’s these elements that make it a track that could very easily be overlooked on the basis of its sheer credibility.

For some home grown classic bluesy rock and roll, check out ‘I Miss The Good Times’ by the Sticky Fingers Band.

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