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Sunterra – Reborn

Sunterra’s sound establishes itself firmly as soon as it arrives – with a moody, gothic darkness, the blend of crunching guitars and glacial synths immediately fuse together to create a sprawling soundscape of darkness and restrained fury. Opening track ‘Reign Supreme’ sets the stage for the proceedings, guitars screaming from all angles while the vocals delve closer and closer into doom metal territory. ‘Shadow In The Dark’ runs straight down the industrial route, with its opening clanks and groans leading into a delicate and distant piano which creates an isolated feel. Add to that the intimate flute notes, and there is a folky twist to the track which lays down a path towards some huge guitar chords that eventually arrive, ringing out and shuddering the landscape. Certainly, Sunterra aren’t afraid to use a range of dynamics in their music – ‘Lord Of Lies’ is more brutal, with classic metal drums that thunder throughout and industrial bleeps and scratches that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Berlin alternative nightclub. Closing with ‘Shut Up!!!’, Reborn concludes with a real sense of mystery and adventure by bringing together some flirty spoken lines and fizzing, rusty bass notes that splutter and screech to create a grubby underbelly for the sing-songy sections which wander into nursery rhyme territory. At times brutal, at others delicate and considered, Sunterra’s Reborn is a record that offers plenty of surprises and satisfying moments.

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