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Super Sumo – rrr


Collaborative and genre-defying, Super Sumo is an EDM project that places high value on the input of its guest artists.

‘rrr’ weaves in and out of various styles; breakbeats, bass drops, mangled vocals, warped electronica, and pitch shifting.

The track never once really settles down on any one theme or part, but rather moves through a sequence of varying styles. If anything remains consistent throughout, it’s the hectic breakbeat that runs through the track like a liquid, living spine that gives the music the freedom it needs to move and breathe.

It’s in the vocals that bring a sense of doom and dread to the track, adding a creepy darkness to the already heavy bass section.

‘rrr’ is  formidable attempt at introducing some variety into the often tired electronica/dance genre, with plenty of shifts and changes as the track progresses.

Check out Super Sumo’s ‘rrr’ for some cerebral EDM that embraces multiple styles and influences.

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