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Tally Koren – Free Will

Starting off much like a traditional track in the style of Adele, Tally Koren’s ‘Free Will’ quickly builds into a pop/classical crossover that soars high on a wave of emotion.

Tally Koren - Free WillThe opening bars are reminiscent of past work by Marina and the Diamonds, the strong piano notes creating a bedrock of melody, while the strings begin to unfurl and perform a sonic choreography. Tally Koren’s voice is certainly on fine form here, rich and velvety like chocolate with a depth on the low notes that contrasts against the higher tones as the strings pull upwards, opening up the landscape. The sheer range of influences is remarkable, with Koren’s voice at times sounding like a blend of Garbage’s Shirley Manson and Karen Carpenter, which works perfectly with the style of music that she has chosen to work with. It’s big, it’s bold, and it hits the mark in just the right way. A perfect introduction to Tally Koren’s work, if ‘Free Will’ is your kind of music then there is no doubt you will find yourself happy with the rest of her album which is available now on iTunes. Don’t hesitate to give a spin some time soon.

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