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Tengger Cavalry – Blood Sacrifice Shaman

Tengger Cavalry’s own brand of Mongolian folk metal explodes ferociously with Blood Sacrifice Shaman.

a2462136126_10‘Соёмбо (Hymn of The Mongolian Totem)’ kicks the album off with a doom laden darkness, blending tribal drums with shredding guitars in a way that feels cultic and mysterious. The folk aspect brings in high plucked notes that contrast perfectly with the track’s rough underbelly. The band’s namesake song ‘Tengger Cavalry’ swirls and spirals with yowling vocalisations, while ‘Horeseman’ incorporates a range of instrumentation to form a thick and diverse blend, with soaring strings that caress the listener sporadically throughout the track’s vicious pummelling. Further in, ‘Rootless’ plays with ambient tones and wide strings, before moving on to ‘The Wolf Ritual’, a violent and considered sonic assault that pulls the listener in to investigate, only to become lost in the dark. ‘The Native’ takes the band’s ethnic roots even further, with a folk driven melody led by strings, while the album’s title track is fuelled by the traditional Mongolian folk singing that is used much like western metal screaming and to great effect. For most Westerners, Blood Sacrifice Shaman is likely to be a challenge, but for those who are willing to try something different and aren’t phased by metal or world music, then this is a fascinating listen.

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