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The Damnable Cads – All Night Long

An upbeat chunk of cheery pop rock right here from The Damnable Cads, full of summery good vibes and not without an undercurrent of punk cynicism.

From the track’s opening bars, ‘All Night Long’ establishes itself as a track that means business – the guitars ring out with a chiming glossiness, and the drums carve out a clear path ahead. There’s an old school sensibility that runs through the music, falling somewhere between the slacker drawl of the Ramones and the fresh faced bravado of early Blink-182, all the while referencing the gleeful harmonies of the Beach Boys.

Where the Damnable Cads might be a little rough around the edges, as a band they feel somehow greater than the sum of their parts – their abilities in constructing a tune that will stay in your head for the rest of the day is admirable, and as a band they achieve something special in the way that each member’s part played is distinct, genuinely contributing without stepping on anyone else’s toes or slinking into the background.

Coming in at just under three minutes, ‘All Night Long’ stands as an ideally accessible rock tune, and is sure to be a song that will add some joy to a great many people looking to add something to their feel-good playlist.

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