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The Ghost Of Brooklyn – One Love

Influences on The Ghost Of Brooklyn reads like a who’s who of classic artists – Paul Simon, the Police, David Bowie, there are touches to be found in small ways throughout the track.

tgob-cartoon4Add to that the hazy Americana vibe that runs through it (even touching a little on Sheryl Crow territory) and you’ve got some truly engaging and satisfying music. On closer inspection, it’s easy to get thoroughly lost in the glorious harmonies that The Ghost Of Brooklyn splashes over the track with glee abandon. Once the track has reaches its climax, there is a delightful finale moment. It would be remiss to ignore the fact that the song itself has been written in honour of artist and musician Jean-Michel Basquiat, which makes it a touching and fitting epitaph written by a like minded artist who is truly committed to making great art. ‘One Love’ makes no assumptions that it’s going to be a number one hit. Rather, it presents itself exactly as it is so as to be discovered and loved by those who will truly recognise and appreciate it for what it is. If only we could have more art in this world that is made with those kinds of sensibilities, then perhaps we would all be so much richer for it.

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